15th January 2015

Condoms Galore!

Bag Of Condoms

Have you ever been to the fair ground and had a go at guessing the amount of sweets in a Jar?

Well here’s one for you…

How many condoms does it take to make the flag of the USA?
With the help of Tom & Sam from Stylist Magazine we managed to solve this puzzle….

…and the answer is  1140!


We didn’t know it yet but as the setup started, we had underestimated the task ahead of us.

Box by box the condoms began to be laid out in rows.

Scale! This was the key. We had to start with the smallest element, the stars!

Overlapping two condoms diagonally created each star. 50 stars later we had our scale set and were on a roll.

The set up grew and grew as boxes upon boxes of red, white and blue condoms arrived at the studio door. ( Thanks @durexuk )

As the setup spread across the studio the thought on everyone’s mind was “how are we going to shoot this, is it even going to fit in frame?” Luckily there was a solution.

The ceiling hatch!

As a courier dropped off even more condoms, we grabbed arms full of equipment and set the camera up upstairs and shot through the opening in the floor of the next storey up, genius.

If anyone has suggestions for a charity that will welcome the condoms, just let us know!

stylist mag

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