10th September 2015

“I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat”

….Shots coming soon!



4th June 2015

Now it’s official….

Recently Dennis was interviewed by Photo Professional to be featured in the magazine.  @PhotoProUK
It’s a great read which gives insight in to Dennis, his work, the process behind the imagery and his life before getting behind the camera.

Incase you missed it, heres a few snippets:

“One guy asked me to put three more coats of paint on the
shelves of his airing cupboard, where I’d already applied six coats previously!”

“monsters in rubber suits, who were running through a smoky swamp”

“sometimes I resort to a few dirty tricks myself”

“I created a portfolio using out of date film, shooting everyday things like
matchsticks, paper clips, Rizla papers, toilet rolls, cups, dice, water
droplets, ice cubes and so on, all basically stuff I had to hand that didn’t
cost anything.”

“I leapt off the bus and stuck my hand out for a cab
at the same time as a very pretty lady who had been on the bus with me”


(Photo Professional Issue 105 – available via Newstand)
Interview by Terry Hope – Editor, Photo Professional


4th June 2015

It’s all SMILES over here!

Anyone spot this shot on the streets of London this week?


If not grab a Stylist Magazine and check out the full story! www.stylist.co.uk



24th April 2015

X ‘Marks’ the spot!

… a little outtake from a recent Marks & Spencers shoot!

MS 113210pirate (1)


M&S Advanced Sun Protection

21st April 2015


Check out our new shoot on the cover of this weeks Stylist!


18th February 2015

Why Don’t you come over and Sashimi sometime?

Rice to meet you…. Sorry in advance for the bad sushi puns!

We’ve had an awesome shoot at the studio creating this Beauty Bento Box for Stylist Magazine @StylistMagazine


cosmetic, beauty, make up, still life, bento, sushi, stylist
We were joined with Sam Flowers from Stylist ( @Sam__Flowers ) and Sushi chef Hideki Hiwatashi from Sake No Hana, part of the Hakkasan Group.

Here’s some behind the scenes shots of Hideki making his creations:




21st January 2015

A bit of a BLAST!

We shot this as an experiment for some upcoming beauty jobs.

An opportunity to shoot real bullets instead of lipstick bullets …… We are three lads in the studio so we need some time to play with big boys toys sometimes.

One BB gun, a toy soldier and some eye goggles.


The kit:

Hasselblad 503Cw
Zeiss 80mm
Phase One P30+ digital back
Broncolor Pulso G Heads
and we even dusted off the 30 year old Mazof sound trigger!


A Pitch black studio, torch in hand.

Harry firmly positions his safety goggles as he crawls under the set to flick the safety switch off the air gun.


The shutter is opened on the camera.

A CRACK from the gun, FLASH via the Mazof, we’re done….

We switch on the lights to see if the toy soldier has made it safely through the shot in one piece…. Misfire! “Who forgot to load the gun?”


Attempt 2: right on target!!

Here’s a few outtakes:

Test91564soldier soldier   91565soldier soldier   Test91564soldier soldier